World Design (Minor)

For every character there is a world consisting of 5 main levels, 2 challenges, 2 bonus and 1 boss.

As there are 20 characters and 20 different worlds.

(for full description please look at the 6th sketchbook, World designs)

World 1 – Fields of Green


Description: Open Land, Beautiful environments and easy accessibility.

Enemies: Minimal Enemies. Enemies will be shadow people only.

Notes: As its a tutorial world traps and enemies must be kept to a minimum to allow player to learn controls and get a feel for the game.

World 2 – Fantasy Land


Description: Soft pastel shades mixed with bright happy colours. Very girly and pretty, representative of a little girls perfect world.

Enemies: Shadow people and wolves.

Notes: Levels progressively get darker and spookier until large wolf boss at end.

World 3 – School’s Out


Description: Typical of an American style school. Lots of uniform classrooms and open hallways.

Enemies: Shadow people,Bullies.

Notes:Traps are necessary to increase difficulty.

World 4 – Haunted House on the Hill


Description: Very spooky, Scary and Gloomy. Takes place inside the house and outside. Lot of very dark purples, Blues and greys.

Enemies: Shadow people, Spiders, ghosts and Skeletons.

Notes: Characters will struggle in this environment and player has a short period of time to complete each level.

World 5 – Countryside life


Description: Pretty, floral, happy land inhabited by rabbits. colours will be vibrant and cute.

Enemies: Shadow People, Wasps and bugs.

Notes: More characters means more obstacles in the way. Mix of above ground and under ground sections in levels.

World 6 – Wild Wild West


Description: Deserts, canyons and towns will make up the level. Lots of oranges, Yellows and browns.

Enemies: Shadow people, Snakes Scorpions, birds of prey.

Notes: Players can now kill enemies so they need to be stronger. Also due to the heat larger characters move slower than usual.

World 7 – I’m in the Library!


Description: Lots of reds, browns and blues. Vast amounts of bookcases and study areas. Slowly increase in technology as levels progress introducing code locked doors and security gates.

Enemies: Shadow people, Moths, Dust Clouds.

Notes: Puzzles are now more complex.

World 8 – Acid Trip


Description: Wild, Wacky and Weird. Many optical illusions and hidden space. Bright and bold colours.

Enemies: Shadow People, Mutated Creatures, Eyeballs and Blobs.

Notes: A lot harder puzzles.



Description: Lots of city roof tops and the occasional explorable building. Lots of greys, blues and white.

Enemies: Shadow people, Security Guards, Security Dogs.

Notes: Stealth now plays a large role in puzzles.

World 10 – Medieval Hour


Description: Castles, Villages and Forests. Pallets will be very earthy with a lot of browns, greens, greys and blues.

Enemies: Shadow People, Rats, Bears, Chickens.

Notes: More projectile traps and medieval contraptions.

World 11 – Urban Roamingskieran

Description: Urban and run down. Lots of sky scrapers, back alleys and closed shops. Reds, browns, greys, greens and blues.

Enemies: Rats, Flies, Cats, Butterflies and Unicorns.

Notes: Levels on street level, roof top level and inside buildings. Players can now use close range attacks making enemies harder.

World 12 – F-F-Forest


Description: Big over grown forests, full of life and plantation. Green, browns, yellows but with colourful flowers and mushrooms.

Enemies: Shadow People, Boars, Owls, Jaguars.

Notes: Levels take place in undergrowth, tree tops and the forest itself. Lots more traps in this world.

World 13 – Neighbourhood watch


Description: Happy and content neighbourhood that serves a lot of danger. Lots of bright happy colours.

Enemies: Shadow People, Pigeons, Dogs and Bees

Notes: there will be an increase in fire traps. levels are in the street or inside houses.

World 14 – Freezing Beaches


Description: World starts as warm beach but slowly freezes over. Mainly blues and yellow but also greys when winter sets in.

Enemies: Shadow people, Crabs, Sharks, Turtles. Seals, Polar Bears and whales.

Notes: A lot of open water for players to try the new swimming mechanic.

World 15 – Athletics Haven


Description: A giant Athletic stadium. Most levels require upper body strength. reds, greans, yellows and blues.

Enemies: Shadow People.

Notes: traps and obstacles are the main focus.

World 16 – X_I_R_T_A_M


Description: Made of Geometric shapes and neon colours, set to represent being stuck inside a computer.

Enemies: Shadow people, Viruses, Trojan horses, Satanbug.

Notes: Many traps and Puzzles which will require input from all unlocked characters.

World 17 – A Lot’ta Allotments


Description: full of luxurious plants and flowers. The more levels completed the more polluted and smoggy the world becomes killing all plants. bright colours turn to reds and blacks.

Enemies: Shadow people, Moles, Caterpillars, Beetles and worms.

Notes: underground levels as well as surface.

World 18 – Abandoneded Warehouse


Description: Dangerous environment with many collapsing sections and leaking gas / water pipes. Lots of browns, creams, blacks and graffiti.

Enemies: Shadow People, Spiders, Rats, Bats.


World 19 – MEDIC!


Description: Very clean crisp medical centre. Lots of high tech areas and traps. Whites and Blue.

Enemies: Shadow patients, Security Guards, CCTV, business Men, CEO.

Notes: Lots of traps. Levels will require all characters to complete.

World 20 – The Void


Description: Galaxies, open skies with many endless voids. Colours to match the enemies theme.

Enemies: Shadow Creatures and People.

Notes: Player must utilize everyone’s powers to complete this world. insanely hard traps, obstacles and puzzles.