Outcomes – JAMs

These past five weeks have taught me new skills and has broadened my confidence in certain areas.

Thanks to the character JAM I now feel much more confident when trying to draw people, especially life drawing. Its taught me how to take elements from people we see every day on the street and turn them into unique, full characters. I feel like I can now take this with me and start to develop my own characters for my games in the future even if its just design ideas.

Because of the 3D JAM I no longer find 3D software scary and a daunting program and am now looking forward to developing my skills and learning more about how to make and sculpt items.

The narrative JAM allowed me to fine tune my writing skills and I’m definitely looking forwarding to trying out more structure trees in the future.

As I had never played a RP game before I feel as if I’ve learnt a whole new subject within the game industry. I had a lot of fun experimenting with ways to do the characters, apply skills and abilities and creating stories. I feel in the future I would like to try creating my own version.

The sculpture JAM was by far my favorite and allowed me to do what i love the most, make things. The skill I gained from this was how to break down objects into layers and free hand draw designs. I will most definitely be doing this again for the next time i need props and weapons for a convention.