Character Design (Major)

In total there are 20 Characters. 19 Playable and 1 Villain.

(For full descriptions of them please see the 5th sketchbook, character design)

Not every character has a design but they have been planned appearance-wise and when they are drawn up by a professional artist the designs will be softer and less anime like.




Overview: Esme is a shy, quite but warmhearted and friendly. She only has basic abilities and relies on the other personalities to help her perform most tasks.

Mechanic: Basic Movements: Walking, Jumping, Pushing, Climbing.

Appearance: Brown tied back hair, pale skin from being isolated, Green eyes, normal body type, comfortable clothes i.e. jeans, hoodie, sneakers.

Notes: when aura runs out, default character is Esme. If her health runs out its game over.




Overview: Evelyn is mean, sadistic and crude. Although she is an NPC at the start, once the game is completed she will be available for players to use.

Mechanic: Summon: Can summon minions using Sceptre.

Appearance: Purple and blue ombre hair with black and purple dress to match. Knee high platform boots, long gloves, heavy black make up. Carries a Purple gem encrusted sceptre.

Notes: Evelyn’s attack at the end of the game causes the selection of character to be randomized when fighting her.



Overview: young, innocent and small. loves exploring but cant cope in scary situations.

Mechanic: Crawl: due to her size she can fit in the smallest of places.

Appearance: Petite. has ginger hair in pigtails, freckles, large blue eyes, lolita style yellow dress, knee high white socks and dolly sohes.

Notes: because shes a child, when in uncomfortable situations, bethany will either freeze or run away.


Image result for plain jane neighbours

Overview: Jane was always the invisible girl in school but adored by teachers. Shes timid and plain.

Mechanic: Invisibility: cannot be detected by security cameras or minor enemies.

Appearance: Thick rimmed glasses, messy hair, baggy over sized knitted jumper, skirt, black tights and brogues.

Notes: gets very nervous and sad in uncomfortable environments.




Overview: Dark gloomy girl who perceives herself as wild and careless.

Mechanic: Brave: Isn’t affected by environmental changes.

Appearance: Wild coloured hair, minimal make up apart from eyes, punk like clothing and mega platform boots.

Notes: She hates water and hot environments.



Image result for sakura danganronpa

Overview: Big, strong, buff woman who adores anything pink, cute or cuddly.

Mechanic: Tank: can break down and through weakened platforms or walls.

Appearance: Physically she will be bigger than any other character and extremely muscular. long blonde hair, beautifully soft make up. Feminine clothing like dresses, jewelry and cardigans.

Notes: due to her size she cant fit in most spaces and sinks in water. cant climb fragile obstacles like rope.



Image result for clint eastwood cowboy

Overview: Dusty is a cowboy whos good with his guns. Hes not very bright and often mistakes words and objects for different things.

Mechanic: Long distance attack: can shot a certain distance with his guns.

Appearance: Hat, Jeans, Bolo tie, shirt, waist coat, gun holsters, cowboy boots, spurs, facial hair, slighty tanned, messy long brown hair.

Notes: cant use common sense. cant swim or cope in the cold.




Overview: intelligent, serious and doesn’t understand anything that isn’t literal.

Mechanic: Decoder: can unlock any coded doors or systems.

Appearance: Shirt, tie, smart shoes, suit trousers, well groomed blonde hair and thin rimmed glasses. golden eyes.

Notes: hates physical exercise.



Image result for artistic characterOverview: imaginative artist who loves weird and wacky objects. most people think shes weird and crazy.

Mechanic: summoner: Can paint missing assets such as bridges or ladders.

Appearance: Bright pink hair, thick rimmed glasses, paint covered skin, long sleeve black dress with sleeveless white shirt apron, knee high stripey socks and badly tied trainers.

Notes: can only paint where theirs a silhouette of an object.




Overview: Stealthy thief. light on his feet and good in any environment. talented at parkour. very secretive and silent.

Mechanic: Stealth: can climb better than other characters and can lock pick chests.

Appearance: Concealed face and hands, large hoodie to cover face, brown hair, grey eyes, military boots and jeans.

Notes: doesn’t like company.





Overview: noble and courageous knight who perceives himself as living in the medieval times.

Mechanic: Shield: can block projectile attacks/traps.

Appearance: Heavy suit of shiny silver and green armor. underneath appearance never discovered.

Notes: no hand-eye coordination. afraid of chickens.


Image result for leather jacket outfits men

Overview: destructive, arrogant young man who is generally always moody and grumpy.

Mechanic: Close Combat: uses baseball bat to hit close objects and enemies.

Appearance: always seen in a leather jacket, red sneakers, blsck skinny jeans, black shirt, styled dark brown hair, facial hair and aviators.

Notes: Hates happiness, pink and unicorns.




Overview: Hardy Warrior who is strong and hardy. Knows many fighting skills but prefers her spear.

Mechanic: Ranged combat: uses spear to hit hoovering or grounded enemies.

Appearance: thin leather armor, tied back hair, blue eyes, tanned.

Notes: hates confined spaces and the dark.


Image result for firefighter

Overview: Loves to help people in need and dreams of being a fire fighter.

Mechanic: Water: uses water pistols to extinguish fire obstacles.

Appearance: Short cut black hair, brown eyes, homemade fireman outfit.

Notes: no physical strength what so ever.



Overview: Happy friendly competitive swimmer. Favorite place is the ocean.

Mechanic: Swimmer: can swim on and under water for brief periods of time.

Appearance: Green swim hat with matching goggles, tanned, brown hair, brown eyes, baggy shorts, vest, flip flops and wears swimming trunks under his clothes.

Notes: hates winter and walking.



Image result for aoi danganron[a

Overview: friendly happy girl who loves nothing more than running.

Mechanic: speed: can run quickly avoiding traps.

Appearance: brown hair in tight bun, blue eyes, skinny, tanned, yoga pants, bright trainers, sports bra.

Notes: has no upper body strength.



Overview: Also know as HaK3rG0d64, hes extremely secretive and excellent with computers.

Mechanic: Hacker: can unlock and bypass any computer.

Appearance: sunglasses, green streaked hair, trench coat, white shirt, black suit trousers, smart shoes.

Notes: Hes any form of contact that isn’t digital.


Image result for gardener female with shovel

Overview:  Susie loves all things nature and is an avid gardener. happiest when tending to her plants.

Mechanic: earth: can dig underground or move ground to build platforms.

Appearance: Large straw hat with a flower attached, blonde hair in a plait, wellies, overalls, green eyes, floral shirt.

Notes: Hates destruction and man made environments.




Overview: tom boy who loves destruction.  likes getting into fights and being in dangerous places.

Mechanic: Pyro: can set fires.

Appearance: firey red hair, many scars and piercings, black t-shirt, baggy jeans, high tops and yellow eyes.

Notes: despises water.


Image result for medical characters female

Overview: Claire loves to help people in need and is very approachable, friendly and confident.

Mechanic: Medic: can restore small amounts of health to the player.

Appearance: long tied back black hair, stethoscope, clipboard, face mask, white overalls.

Notes: only heal a certain amount of times each level.