Sculpture JAM

This was my favorite week of our JAM sessions.

The sculpture JAM took part on the 7th of November until the 11th.

Our task this week was to make whatever we wanted and i knew straight away what it was i wanted to make.

My biggest hobby is Cosplay. Cosplay is basically dressing up as your favorite characters and going to conventions. I wanted to use this week to make a prop for my next convention in May. I spent Monday morning drawing up different ideas (refer to my 3D sculpture JAM sketchbook) in the end i decided to go for Kurumi Tokisaki’s guns as she is my next costume.

My first task was to break down the guns into layers so I can build it up in sheets. as I’ve had experience making guns in the past I found this process pretty easy and soon had templates ready.



due to security restriction at con, i had to work with materials that wouldn’t be considered dangerous which immediately put wood out of the window. In the end i opted for working with foam board as I’ve had experience with it and know how to use it to my advantage.

I work in a series of steps to create my guns.

The first gun i attempted to make didnt work as the shape was completely wrong and would have made it far too complicated. Here was my creative process:

I decided to start again and this time start with the shotgun.

My first step was to create the template

I then cut it out on the foam board

i cut 2 with the trigger and 2 without so i could layer it.

I then made the detail which would sit on the side of the gun and stuck it all together.

I made the chamber by rolling up paper extremely tightly and then colouring it silver with a marker.

I then painted the gun brown and started making the template for the pistol.

I used a hot glue gun to detail the guns and then went over it with a gold marker.

These were my final outcomes:

When we had the crit on Friday everyone really loved what I had produced and were very impressed that I had done it all at home.