Narrative JAM

From the 24th to the 28th of October we took part in a Narrative JAM taught by Calum Kerr.

Starting Monday, we learnt the basics of story writing and different types of structures. Our main focus was on multicursal stories as they relate the most to video games. A Multicursal structure is basically a decide your own destiny story and just like video games, contain main different paths and decisions the reader can make.

There are 3 basic pathways a story can take:


  1. A straight linear path but with multiple side quests and opportunities. The ending is always the same.


2. A set beginning and end but the journey can take many different directions.


3. One set beginning but with many different out comes and possibilities.


Our task for this week is too create our own non-linear story that could be used within a game.

I’m actually quite looking forward to this task. I’ve had a lot of experience with writing stories like this as last year one of my projects involved writing a narrative that had multiple ending and twists. I wrote a 7190 word story which allowed me to learn the tricks and techniques to write this kind of narrative.


We then went over the difference between plot and story and the elements of both. we learnt a lot that would help to write a compelling story and began thinking what we were gonna write about.

The possible plot points for my story are:

  • Butterfly Effect
  • Time Travel
  • Paradox
  • Destruction
  • Hunting
  • Future
  • Past
  • Cause and Effect


At the end of the day the task given to us for Thursday was to think of a possible story and begin writing up a draft. Our story must be 1000 to 1500 words.

Unfortunately I missed the last sessions as I got Ill and then had to attend an event in London. I asked my peers what i had missed and it turns out not a lot, they received structure and story help and then just reviewed their stories.


To get started I narrowed down my list by evaluating each bullet point and deciding if it would work or not. In the end I decided to work with hunting as I’ve never really looked into it before and had an idea I would like to expand on.

The idea for my story is the following:

  • 2 characters – hunter and hunted
  • 1 human, 1 beast
  • multiple choice with 2 main pathways
  • 1) you hunt the beast
  • 2) the beast hunts you
  • 3 possible endings – 1. you kill the beast 2. the beast kills you 3. you leave the beast.

My structure will flow like this:


I really enjoyed this task and has a lot of fun mapping out the story-line and writing my own decide your own destiny story.