Games JAM

From the 31st of October to the 4th of October we took part in a Games JAM hosted by our lecturer James Stallwood.

The task for this week was to create our own version of a role playing game in the style of Dungeons and Dragons. We had to think of our own mechanic that would make our game different from all other RP games out there.

I was put in a group with Milosz, Bea and James. We worked really fluidly as a group and all put in equal efforts.

We wanted to make a RP that had a character creation process that could be completed quickly by players and easy enough for anyone to understand. As for the story, we wanted the players to have the ability to adapt our system to any setting or style they wanted.

For the character sheet  we wanted it to be clean and easy to navigate and organise.


Players can decide on their race, age and class to fit the chosen setting they have (i.e. medieval or sci-fi). Depending on what skills the player chose would effect their abilities, either helping them or hindering them. Making them think about balance and the most important abilities. Traits will affect players within the game and can affect the results of how well each action goes. every player must chose 2 perks and 2 flaws. This added extra challenges to the game. The backpack allows the player to keep track of what their carrying.

During every action the player must roll over a certain amount based on the game masters rules. if they fail three times they lose a health point. If they lose 5 health points they are out of the game.

As I’ve never played a RP game before I found this week quite challenging but as it progressed and we play tested I found myself really enjoying it. I loved how adaptable our game was and worked for any form of story the game master came up with.

On Friday we had to play test peoples games. Our team received really good feedback and the people who played really enjoyed it.