Character JAM

From the 12th of October to the 14th we took part in a character JAM run by the illustrator JAKe.

  • GOALS:
  • get as many life drawings as possible
  • take a life drawing and develop the person into a character.


Wednesday: We started by receiving a short presentation from JAKe about the activities and goals that were going to take place during the week. We then proceeded to the café to study people and life draw.After getting a few decent drawing done we headed into town to find interesting people there. Once getting to town we were split up into groups to head to different location. My group were sent to a charity shop and then headed to a bric-a-brac shop afterwards.

The charity shop was full of interesting objects and clothing items which could be used to dress a character or add to their personality. I always find charity shops so intriguing as you can find the most unusual and unique items. the first item to catch my interest was an old scruffy bear in a little knitted jumper. He looked so old and loved due to the missing fur, it almost seemed sad that he had ended up there and could work quite well as a game character following the characteristics of things like Yarny and Sack Boy. other items I found were mainly clothes which is also what I found in the bric-a-brac store.

After finishing up in the shops, we went further into town. We drew a man who ran a flower stall, and then an elderly gentleman who was also an artist. they were both lovely to talk to and very friendly.

For the last activity of the day we split into groups and headed to different sections of town. At first we had no luck finding any one interesting to draw but then eventually found a group of young males to draw beside the cathedral. after a little chat and a few sketches we regrouped and most people left. Then there was just me JAKe and two other class mates left. We went to a small café and had a casual drawing session where JAKe taught us different techniques and tips on how to life draw. Instead of pencils he asked us to experiment with pens instead and it made a big difference. It felt a lot easier to create defining line and made you commit to design decisions. after an hour we finished for the day.

Thursday:  This day wasn’t quite as successful people wise and I found barely any interesting characters.

After a brief morning session discussing the day before and what things we had achieved, we headed back into town. as soon as we left the building we found a very intriguing man who was nice to talk to and had unique characteristics. I used the technique JAKe had taught us the day before and drew with a pen rather than a pencil. We then carried on our journey into town anwp-image-558163309jpg.jpgd I’m sad to say I really didn’t find anyone that interesting to draw. Whilst browsing, me JAKe and a class mate found a man who I knew would be perfect for my character. Although he couldn’t stop to be drawn he let us take some photos whilst JAKe talked to him and he was an amazing individual and had so many defining traits.
During the afternoon we began putting together ideas and researching into the type of character we wanted to create from our life drawings. I was still focused on turning the man from my photographs into a character and began thinking of possibilities for him by looking into some of his features.

  •  From head to toe he was covered head to toe in trinkets. Earrings attached to his jacket; Lots of different bracelets and watched going up his arms; 3 or 4 necklaces hanging around his neck and a multitude of  charms having of his trousers.
  • His facial features were extremely defining and textured.
  • is clothing choice was very stylised and unique to him and featured many layers.

I started thinking about the kind of environments that would suit his personality  and due to the styling of his outfit I decided either a steampunk or cyberpunk world would suit him best.

I then thought about the type of character he would be. the stances I captured in the photos really helped inspire me as he seemed like the type of guy that wouldn’t take no as an answer; could be very persuasive; and in the nicest way, stingy and slimy. so I thought he would suit a jewel examiner or an antique dealer.

After finishing for the day I began research at home into main items antique dealers and how I could accessorise my character but keep within the theme of steampunk / cyberpunk. I decided a magnifying eye glass as a eye patch would work very well so began drawing up ideas. after that I went to work on poses and clothing ideas and then situations to help get across his personality.


Image result for steampunk outfit designs male

Image result for steampunk outfit designs male












Friday: We had the opportunity in the morning to develop our characters and the afternoon session was a crit. unfortunately I felt very ill during the day and had to go home meaning i never got to fully develop my character past a sketch.