From the 17th of October to the 21st we had a 3D Jam week hosted by  Florian Stephens.

I was really looking forward to this JAM session as i have no skills in 3D and have always wanted to learn. The software we were going to be learning was MAYA.
scanthe first thing we did was go over the basics and learn what each tool did, how to use it and the keyboard shortcuts.


Our first task of the day was to go through a PDF called Getting started in MAYA. The first activity was to take a pre-existing scene made by Florian and then edit some of the features such as stacking the dominoes, spelling a word with the toy blocks and re arranging the books. we were then taught how to key frame and animated the car, and what ever else in the room you wanted too.

We than began the real 3D modelling and started with the basics of modelling a mug. At first i was pretty impressed with myself as i got along with it pretty well but when it came to modelling the handle i struggled so much. I just couldn’t get it to line up and connect the way i wanted it to and it got very frustrating. After the mug we had to make a household object of our choice and i decided to make a lamp. i was extremely impressed with how it looked once i was finished and i was very happy with what i had achieved.

Next we worked on key-framing. we were once again given a pre-made scene, this time a plane, and we had to animate it starting up then taking off. My animation skills aren’t amazing but i thought the way the plane behaved was quite funny and made up for it. Then we had to attach a camera so it followed the plane and it was so fun to do. it also made the animation look 10x better.

A tank is the next thing we had to animate and we had to make it move forward whilst the turret turned. It was tricky making sure the correct points were linked but once i had solved it the rest came easy. we were allowed to mess around for a little bit and make our own little animation using the tank and i really enjoyed experimenting with things it could do.

Our last task of the day was to learn how to create pivots. it was tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it became a lot easier. We had to connect the parts of a lamp so they moved as a unit and once we had completed it we had to create a small animation of it rolling on a ball like the pixar lamp.

The next day was all about rigging and making sure we could move thing anatomically correctly.

The first task was to create a robotic hand, connect all the pieces together and make sure they moved together correctly. As long as you remembered what order to attach the parts in, it was actually pretty easy and i enjoyed learning how to do it.  once completing the arm the next task was a set of legs. we had to once again rig them and then attach IK so it moved correctly. i struggled at first but once i learnt and picked up where i was going wrong it got a lot less stressful.

During the afternoon we learnt about the different types of materials and textures that could be used and applied in MAYA. after testing out the effects on different shapes and objects, our last task was given to us. We had to colour a fruit bowl on the table and make sure everything had the correct colour and texture. It was really relaxing and fun and a nice way to end the day. I also made a wine bottle to sit on the table and although its simple im quite proud.

Our last day with Florian was really relaxed and we were able to spend all day working on our final task, creating a human figure.

When we first received it I was scared and intimidated by the thought of it but once i got started i began to relax and enjoy it. I enjoyed trying to match the parts to the template and sculpting the torso, arms and legs. what i didn’t enjoy was trying to attach all the parts together. it was so difficult an in the end all i managed to do was one shoulder and one legs.

I learnt a lot during this week and i found it challenging but informative and i really enjoyed it.